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In Castellón, everything is nearby. In our city, the smell of oranges still surrounds the city streets and the orchards are still present in the settlement. Castellón is the capital city of la Plana Alta and stills preserves the quiet and friendly character of working environments. The urban has around 180.000 inhabitants and it is possible to distinguish between the historic centre, the new neighborhoods, and the maritime district known as el Grao or the port.

The climate is generally excellent that is always an advantage. In the city centre the cultural and commercial life – completely Mediterranean – allows seeing a joyful and lively city. The historic centre which still conserves the shape of a Roman camp houses the city’s emblematic monuments. This primitive core rose from the ancient Arab farms after the Town Charter provided by Jaume I in the XIII century. On the city’s outskirts, cultural and sports facilities have been developed. Between the primitive core and the sea stands the maritime district, El Grao where all the nautical activities take place.

The urban ensemble from Castellón is only understood considering the modern mentality and international outlook of its inhabitants. There is, and there has always been a continue desire of being updated and open to visitors. And that is what is offered along with other variety of attractions such as the sea, orchards, monuments, culture, nature, festivals, and so on.

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