Carta Erasmus de Educación Superior (ECHE)

Erasmus Policy Statement

The EASD Castello is a small institution with global ambitions, who has been working since 2007 in its international strategy.

The strategy that will deliver this vision has objectives:

  • To provide an accessible, welcoming, supportive environment for international staff and students.
  • To encourage the development of an international perspective in all our students.
  • To promote, support and resource international activity at the Institution, raising awareness internally and externally of the EASD’s international pedigree.

In developing strategic partnerships, we are looking to institutions that either have a similar approach to teaching and learning who offer comparable subject´s offer, or that have similar disciplinary strengths – in our case currently offering almost all the fields related to Design, higher Education-/Bachelors in Interior, Graphic, Product Design…and short-cycles also related to this subject, like Illustration and Grpahic advertising, Artistic Ceramics, Interior Design , Photography… – that wish to develop deep and sustainable relationships across student and staff exchange programmes and maybe in future, research interests.
We will encourage staff, both academic and administrative, to make visits to our partners and invite their staff to Castellón in return.
A key objective is that the EASD seeks to encourage development of an international perspective in all our students, more having into account they belong to the Design Discipline, such an international field. Mobilities through schemes as the Erasmus programme, which provides an opportunity for prolongued immersion in another countries and culture ,would be the most desirable means of achieving this, and there is considerable effort made across the institution to remove unnecessary barriers to mobility.
The Erasmus University Charter  and the Erasmus Policy Statement are available at EASD’s website. The opportunities through the Erasmus and the Lifelong Learning Programme will be advertised in EASD’s web and social profiles, to both students and staff.
All staff and students have the protection of the Institution’s Equal Opportunities policies which guard against any discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, race and religion.
The EASD will meet all statutory obligations under relevant legislation signalled by EU directives, and will head towards the following achievements:

  • Encouragement of student and staff exchanges between institutes of higher education.
  • Improvement of the overall quality of our programs.
  • International accreditation and the international recognition.
  • Achievement of a solid regional, national and international position.